Having your business’s marketing operations bring you clarity, peace, and balance are worthy and achievable goals.

Here are two simple facts:

  1. You started your business for more freedom or for a better income, or perhaps some combination of the two.
  2. A well-designed operations & automation strategy, aligned with your vision and supported by your team, is what you need to scale your profit.

How Does the Scale Your Profit Program Work?

The Scale Your Profit Program is where you & I (and your team) work together to get your marketing operations & automations exactly where they need to be.

This is a 12 month program.

There are four key areas to the Scale Your Profit program.. I call them “Seasons” and they are interchangeable in terms of order based on your business’s current needs.

Season 1: Deep Dive and System(s) Design

This is the foundation of all the things. We will go over where you are, where you want to go, and how I’ll make sure you get there.

I work with you and your team to put together a plan that addresses all your marketing automation and business operational needs.

I’ll continue to work with all the appropriate stakeholders to ensure the vision comes to life over the subsequent months.

Season 2: Operations & Automation Implementation

Once we design the vision it’s time to implement.

I’ll work with your team to get all the required standard operating procedures in place and oversee the marketing automation implementation.

This process takes roughly 90 days to complete and is an ongoing process throughout our time together as new processes come up.

You focus on the vision for your business and I’ll make sure it gets built correctly.

Season 3: Metrics, Tracking, & Dashboards

In season 3, I work with you and your team to make sure everything that needs to be tracked is being tracked.

I’ll help your team put together a simple, clean, and meaningful reporting system so all appropriate stakeholders have access to the business data they need.

Season 4: Building a Team

You likely already have some kind of team in place. In this season, we’ll work together to identify proper team structure and key hiring processes.

I’ll share the exact team building process I’ve used for over a decade. Your team is of utmost importance to your long-term success.

The best processes in the world will not save you if your don’t get your team right.

Interested in learning more?